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"Three glories of a gathering: a comely [mate], a swift hound, a good horse."
Trecheng Breth Fne - The Triads of Ireland

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******We have pulled everything for now except our hound and horse sections and my list of workshops which I plan to start the end of this year or beginning of next. . Plans to renovate and put the site up but if it happens it will be awhile. If you want to read Saigh Kym Lambert's writing, then go to Air n-Aithesc. or ask me about purchasing copies of those I have on PDF. Right now my primary concern is in trying to raise money for Chemo for Grinne can get vouchers for the above mentioned workshops.************** Grainne

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Coin Geilt!  is the virtual kennel where you can meet our Divinely Mad Ritual Dog Gleann and Greyhound Grinne and the late great Irony, Bran, Scolaighe, C Mr, rlaith and Sachairi.  They, of course, do expect to be visited. Why would you be here Hound based on Rossie Priory stone copyright  2002 Aaron Miller for Cruithne Designsother than to see them? There is also some writing on why to adopt a Greyhound, Celtic Sighthounds and dogs in ritual. We also now have a cat, Meadhran, but he doesn't care if you visit or not as he does not like strangers.  BTW, this website essentially started out as a site for our first hound, Irony!

On the Shieling is our section on our horses, where you can meet Saorsa our PMU foal (now grown) and Misty our Morgan/QH mare as well as our Minis, Cimmeron and Iceman, and goat, Elna; as well as our missed Minis Topper and Willow and goat Randvr. You can also read about our beloved rescued horse Saoradh (sadly lost in March of '07 just over a month from his 33rd birthday), and hear about his journey from starvation to health and from emotional cripple to a happy riding partner through Natural Horsemanship. Articles on Celtic horses and PMU asInverurie horse --drawing copyright  2002 Aaron Miller for Cruithne Designs well as a page for Saigh's past horses too.

Saigh also runs The Sarah Connor Charm School for physical feminist fans of Linda Hamilton's character in Terminator and Terminator 2.

If you wish to contact us, you can find our address here.

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Nancy's Celtic Award 2001

Tapadh leat, a Neansai! Nov. 2001


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