First Post here

As I have moved Hooded Crow to WordPress for ease of editing and updateyness, I have a “in site” blog. I thought about moving Sgàth na Feannaige-ghlas here, but after having exported the less used blog for The Sarah Connor Charm School from Blogspot to the WP blog and finding it was a nightmare in fixing formatting and adding photos that did not go across with the export, well, first I didn’t actually move this site to WP at the time. It was too overwhelming. But, while I have used it to blog things particular to this project, it’s also a more personal focus, hence the use of the Scottish Gaelic version of the name. So, I’m leaving that as is and will continue my occasional blogging there while this blog will be more focused on the project and also used to note updates and such.

First update!!!  I moved the site to WP. There is still a LOT of cleanup to do, as well, so bear with me. Of course, all the internal links are broken, but the menu bar up top hopefully will make it easy enough to find what you are looking for. I hope.

I may move some of my blog posts here, or even might set up static pages, not sure yet, like The Morrígan and Cú Chulainn ones. But, well, still thinking about it.

First I need to do the cleanup on the current pages and maybe work on a few other things here. So welcome to the new format and please be careful about tripping on those broken links!

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