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*NEW* “The Hounds Betwixt and Between: Cú Chulainn and Finn as Liminal Heroes” –  Air n-Aithesc Vol. 4  Issue 2, Lughnasadh/Samhain 2017  –  The two most famous heroes of Ireland, one often claimed to be a “hero inside the tribe” the other a “hero outside the tribe,” yet both represent the Outlaw Warrior standing on the edge.  An earlier, shorter version appeared as “The Hero Betwixt and Between” in  Keltria Journal #43 -“Heroes & Heroines”, 2013    PDF for $1.50- $3

“There Was Not Found a Man to Withstand Her” –
Air n-Aithesc Vol. 3 Issue 2, Lughnasadh/Samhain 2017 – Aife and Éachtach, those women who could not be beaten in a fair fight, even by the greatest warriors.  PDF for $1.50- $3

“The War Goddess’s Bitch
“- Air n-Aithesc Vol. 3 Issue 1, Imbolc/Bealtaine 2016 – Some things about female shapeshifters and canine-warriors, as well as some of my own experiences on this path   PDF for $1.50- $3

“Warriors for the Horse Goddess”
  –   Air n-Aithesc Vol. 2 Issue 2, Lughnasadh/Samhain 2015  on serving Macha by fighting for horse welfare, includes both research on such Goddesses and personal experience. On site, but $1.50-$3 is appreciated to help feed the horses

“‘By Force in the Battlefield’: Finding the Irish Female Hero”  – Air n-Aithesc Vol. 1 Issue 1, Imbolc 2014 Women warriors in  Irish literature are often antagonists or, at best, aids to the male hero. This looks at a few who are heroes of their own stories. PDF for $1.50- $3

“Going into Wolf Shape” – Air n-Aithesc Vol. 1 Issue 1, Imbolc 2014 – A look at the connections between warriors and canines, both wolf and dogs , in Irish culture, looking at possible proto-Indo-European roots suggested by recent archaeological finds. PDF for $1.50- $3

“Muimme naFiann: Foster-mother of Heroes”  – Air n-Aithesc Vol. 1 Issue 2, Lughnasadh 2014  – A look at Scáthach, Bodbmall, Líath Lúachra (and other names used for Finn’s foster-mothers) and how their stories can inspire women, especially older women, involved in fénnidecht PDF for $1.50- $3

“Chase to Nowhere: Thoughts on Fénnidecht Rites of Passage”
  – Air n-Aithesc Vol. 2 Issue 1, Imbolc/Bealtaine 2015 -Exploring evidence for the very non-linear rites of passage into and out of the wilderness warbands and how we might use this today.  PDF for $1.50- $3

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Wolf based on Newbigging Leslie stone sketch copyright © 2002 Aaron Miller