An Morrígan and Sarah Connor: Pt. 4: Training

me doing chin ups

So, yeah, I had made some warning that there might be yet another installment on this theme and here it is.  Really, I’m using it mostly because this is somewhat a continuation of things touched upon in part 2 about how the Sarah Connor Charm School became an exercise in implementing some of my warrior path training ideas, with modifications. Since I’m finding my current focus on upping my own training and working on getting my business going again seems to be interfering with work on my second post about Cú Chulainn’s relationship with the Morrígan, I figured maybe writing about training on this path might help me get on track in several ways. I have to stay that thoughts about the Tara High Kings Festival competition may also be prompting this (and there may be a post in that after we see what takes place)

One thing that has been coming up for me is the idea that I “broke training” for much of this summer.  In June and July we were caring for a very sick dog. For much of that there was a heat wave here. Neither of us got much sleep for those weeks, although my mate as an EMT really seldom does, nor did we eat very well. Everything was constant stress. After our Cù died, I had started to get back with it, but became very sick myself…as often happens when getting through tremendous stress and poor self-care and then, well, the body realizes that it doesn’t have to get through anymore.

There is a lot of focus in the amateur fitness world that you work out through everything.  Illness, stress, business, what ever. As a fitness professional, I tell my clients to back off or take breaks when sick, because the body doesn’t need extra stress when trying to heal. To take breaks on a regular basis, actually, as the body needs rest and adapts to constant exercise in a negative way. I’m good about taking scheduled rest breaks, but still self-flagellate about taking breaks when it’s not “in the plan” so I get caught up in that thinking.

But, really, what are training for? For me it’s different from what many think about, even while the industry sometimes gives lip service to the idea of fitness for life, it’s largely about looks, usually about weight. So if your focus is on that, well, taking a break when things are going to shit might mean gaining weight (although this is largely a fallacy, weight isn’t as easily controlled as such ideas make it out to be, which is part of why I am a Health At Every Size™ trainer) or losing muscle (you do, but muscle rebuilds faster than it built in the first place).  That’s not what I’m training for. It’s not what those I train train for. The truth is, I’m training for being as healthy as possible. And, really, I’m raining for crisis. And when there is one I’m in it, training for it just can take away from what I need to put into the crisis at hand.

Okay, it might not be as romantic and exciting as the idea that I’m training for the Zombie Apocalypse, er, Revenant Cataclysm, but in reality training for any crisis is training for any other. It’s about making the body stronger so it better adapts to stress. What ever form that stress may take. So that the body doesn’t break down, at least not completely.  A bad summer cold is nothing compared to other possible stress related health problems, after all. And even a crisis which might not seem overly physically taxing does still mean physical work needs to be done, especially when homesteading. Keeping up with things that needed done here like caring for our other animals often took a toll just due to the exhaustion. I hadn’t been training before, I’d likely not have been able to do any of that at all.

It’s true that certain stressful periods can be aided by exercise, it can alleviate anxiety. I won’t say I didn’t exercise at all while taking care of Cù, there were times when my husband was there to watch after him that I’d escape to the gym or the trail for awhile. But the work out was light, exhaustion catching up with me. And not as frequent.  Therefore not within my usual training perimeters.

Of course, training on this path isn’t just about fitness. But I do believe that it is the base of all the rest of training. This is obvious for martial arts training but for some it may not be for the less obviously physical. However, I find warrior trance to be very physically challenging, it is often movement based and even when not puts a great deal of stress on the body. When it comes to research, I also find I am more focused when I am engaging in regular physical training. All these things fell behind too during that time. The only thing that didn’t, obviously, were the parts about connecting with my animals, especially my dogs, especially this one, and the Otherworld. Because those things were at the center of everything. And all these things are aspects of the path.

I have been playing with the outline for a training program, you know for this War Goddesss cult I’m not starting.  A look at what I feel is needed to serve Her/Them. As I noted before, I had started such an outline for organizations I was in but they never panned out. I was often told they were too much, yet I know someone doing the version I redid, changing out the cultural and mystical bits, for the Sarah Connor Charm School.  There’s also endless modification…so…

I am hoping to be posting a new outline on the website soon. It will take some thought. I see as a three fold path, after all, warrior-seer-poet. Some of us ares strong in one of these than the others and that may change. I am weakest in the poetry, but as I age I might increase my focus and learn more to strengthen it. Never know.  This combination is based on what we see among the warriors of the Fianna as well as the Scáthach’s training of Cú Chulainn and is coming up a lot in my writing.

But right at this moment, I’m focused on the fitness part of the physical training an starting to get back to the martial part, as well as working on Sight, research and writing. Well, this is somewhat a restart of the writing. LOL

As I am so focused, I thought I’d leave you with links for posts I did for the Sarah Connor Charm School Blog. As, really, this is one element of the training programs which wouldn’t change. We have no real concrete information on fitness training, other than there was lots of running, of the early Irish warriors, so we go with what we know works. Even if I had details, I’d modify it for reasons of science and, especially, safety.

EDIT: I have revised this specifically for the Shadow of the Hooded Crow Fitness Files

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Getting ready for the big Revenant Cataclysm

 Everyone’s talking about the Zombie Apocalypse*. Okay, not everyone, a friend recently asked what was meant by that, but a lot of people are. Sometime between the release of The Night of the Living Dead in October of 1968 and Joss Whedon’s recent reason some might want to vote for Romney, as in he’ll finally bring the fun to us, this has been code for what is otherwise known as the Shit Hitting the Fan (SHTF) or The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) among many preppers and just gory geekery among the geeks. As someone who falls into both catagories, yes a geeky prepper, I have often used the term, despite the fact both words are wrong. And the first is both inaccurate and culturally appropriative.

The actual term, in my not so humble opinion, should be “Revenant Cataclysm.”

First, let’s get “apocalypse” out of the way. Until recently, and it is given as a definition now, it didn’t mean a horrible event, it just means “revelation.”  You know, like in the Biblical book Revelations. It means the revealing of the cataclysm, not the cataclysm itself. Okay, got that? That’s easy.  We really could ditch the religiously-tied-in modern meaning and instead just say what we mean. “Cataclysm.”

“Zombie” was never used in Night of the Living Dead. No, not once. It appears, however, to come to the current usage through fans of the movie somewhere along the way. But it is a grossly inaccurate term and culturally insulting. I’d been trying to figure a way to really get into this, but felt it was beyond my scope. However, Amy Welintz broaches what a real zombie is, and reasons the term may be so prevalent, in “A Zombie Is a Slave Forever.” I have yet, but there is also a collection of essays called Race, Oppression and the Zombie: Essays on Cross-Cultural Appropriations of the Caribbean Traditionedited by Christopher M. Moreman and Cory James Rushton for those interested in exploring the issues further. And I think it needs exploring.

Revenant” which means “returned” is any of a number of types of animated corpses. In most European lore, these are solitary appearances and usually only visit loved ones. However, the term is actually broad enough I feel it fits better. You know, if you need something besides “undead” or “living dead” …the original movie term.

Of course, I have failed in my attempts to get “Zombie Apocalypse” replaced with “Revenant Cataclysm.”

And, so, here I have to admit I do hang with those who do use “zombie” on a regular basis. I have friends who do Zombie Kickball, who do Zombie Walks and Zombie Races. I am considering doing one of the races myself, because I like to run but competition bores me unless there is some fun added. I have even recommended a phone app for runners. I love a plethora of “zombie” movies….from the very good to the very, very bad. I also am friends with several fiction authors, almost all of whom have at least one zombie story of some length published or being shopped.  No one in this group is taking my suggestion of Revenant very seriously. *sigh*

As a prepper, I also admit to using it as a code for SHTF and to talk about preparedness. Of course, for the most part my homesteading blog is where the build of prepping comes up, like the food issues. Using the ZA or, rather RC, concept makes it sound more fun. You know, more shooting, guilt free shooting as your targets are already dead, that sort of thing. In the real world after SHTF it’s likely to be far less fun in that way.
CDC graphic

Even the CDC’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response jumped aboard the idea a couple of years ago, although they seemed to get nervous about it when we had some weird cannibalistic crimes earlier this year. But the general idea is that if you’re prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse, you’re prepared for anything. Of course, they don’t get into the fact that in the RC you’ll need weapons and in general seem to miss the fun parts of it. However, when I took a bit of a breather from writing this I happened upon a story today that the U.S Marines and Navy are using the Zombie Apocalypse scenario for training.  So there you go.

Of course, the CDS’s advice is what most “prepping” looks like, at least the prepping done by the non-preppers. This is just everyday stuff you should have set if you do not identify as a prepper.  Preparing go-bags, preparing food, water, clothing and sanitation for hunkering in. Things like that. Things that you should already have had before Sandy hit this week, so that you were either ready to evacuate or stay put with the possibility of no electricity for awhile.

When it comes to the long term, preppers or survivalists, go rather beyond this all. Food storage, which can be anything from the “bunker-style” MRE collecting to the “homestead-style” production and traditional preserving (we’re on this end) but for many there is the in between mode using canned and dry goods from warehouse stores being very common, is a key factor. Never mind getting through a week-long crisis, what if it’s years? And, of course, weapons. Because if it is years how are you going to defend what you do have from those willing to take it by force? Weapons are not brought up in the short-term preparation because so much of it is about leaving the home and going to shelters…shelters which generally won’t allow you to bring weapons. And for those hunkering in, instead, these are situations that most believe will not last long enough for looting and raiding.  But, of course, we know that they often do. I do, personally, recommend learning to defend your home, which means don’t just go out and buy weapons but know how to use them and know how to secure your premises so that you are less likely to have to.

As the Revenant Cataclysm is actually not the most likely scenario, then what are we preparing for. This, of course, varies from prepper to prepper, often very widely. And, yeah, there may well be some that actually are preparing for the undead coming to eat their brains, but we won’t discuss the nutritional value that those particular organs might have nor not have. Some are preparing for nuclear destruction, those are the folks with the hardcore bunkers, but some of us more homesteady types figure that’s not really worth surviving because it would just be surviving. Not living. I want to survive something I can live in after. And nuclear war is bad for the horses, which don’t fit in bunkers like dogs might, if there are no horses then I see little point. Which is also why, despite my serious (obsessive) fandom, I don’t discuss Terminator Cataclysm.

There are those who expect some sort of cosmic cataclysm, such as was expected due to computer failure on Y2K and now most are waiting for the “Mayan Apocalypse” December 21, 2012. The problem with that is that the Mayans say it won’t happen and, frankly, I’m going to believe them rather than the rather odd combinations of folks who are convinced it’s the end of the world. Again, there’s that cultural appropriation thing.

There are certainly an awful lot of preppers, some proudly using the term “survivalist,” which most of us find uncomfortable due to it’s identity with such types, who are expecting the government to turn on us at any moment. This scenario went totally over the edge when Obama took office. You know he took all our guns away, right? Oh, wait. No, actually he has since signed two laws expanding concealed carry. It must be a trick, however, as these folks are still claiming that’s what is in store for us if he wins again. However, I’ve never been that type (but that might change if Romney gets in, because I think Whedon is on to something even if he’s using That Term *pointsbackuptovideo*).

A lot of us homesteading types, many of whom are far left of the “gov’ments gonna come take our guns” (ggctog) types actually figure The End Of The World As We Know it has come already. The economic systems we’ve had foisted upon us of global economy and factory food production is utterly failing, as is our dependence on unsustainable energy which also has led to Climate Change (which led to Superstorm Sandy and will to others). We’re fighting back by eating locally and even growing our own food and looking for better sustainable ways of commerce when we do go outside our locals. We are working to fix our petroleum habits and, over all, lower our carbon footprints. This, again, isn’t as exciting as fighting Revenants trying to eat our brains, and is far more for the homesteading blog. For the most part, these efforts are actually to try to make these transition into what follows less violent and less cataclysmic. Some folks don’t even own guns. However, others of us see that there is likely to be some upheaval; if for no other reason that we know some of the ggctog types who make I wish for them not to have all the guns.

So, no, I’m not expecting the Revenant Cataclysm, but I do believe that being prepared, in all ways, for it does indeed mean being prepared for anything that will come. Except nuclear annihilation but that’s why it’s called “annihilation.”  As it probably won’t really be as fun as having walking dead people to shoot at, we can at least have fun with the preparations. But, seriously, I’m asking you, let’s work on this term. Revenant Cataclysm really needs to replace Zombie Apocalypse. Go forth, prepare and fucking push this term! Alrighty!

Meanwhile, you probably don’t want to get me on what Pop Culture has done to werewolves.

*yes, I know, Wikipedia is a lazy citation, but almost everything else does seem to be advertising someone’s ZA product and I have a cold so I don’t care. Also, WP does seem to do okay on Pop Culture stuff…being a Pop Culture medium that those heavily into Pop Culture seem to get serious about.

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