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Hound based on Rossie Priory stone copyright  2002 Aaron Miller for Cruithne Designs

The Late Great Heinz 57

?? 1978-June 29, 1992

June 29th '92 Gabrielle, Kym's Heinz 57 companion of 14 years died due to old age.   GabrielleGabe had been a "teenage mother" (it's is best to get your bitch pup spayed before her first neither does her any good nor is it always easy to keep her away from males even for one heat), foster mother to Jareth the Cat-that-thought-he-was-a-dog and a veteran of many political actions.  She loved to travel, as well has hang out on the farm chasing water fowl she would never catch and lying in the sun.  She has been greatly missed all these years.

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