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the pack --2003

ThiSummer 2003s page was originally set up back when we were running a small group. We figured some people, like ourselves, like to have some idea of who they are contacting when "meeting" through the internet, especially if they intend to meet in real life. Now after years of not running a group, it seems a bit silly to have this here. Unless one of us starts teaching or sometihng, which I might do again. So this is greatly truncated.

I spent several years "wandering" as a Pagan before dedicating to an Morrgan in the '80s and then "creating" Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism, a few years later I had a Norse God show up and married a Heathen and ended up with this whole Gaelic Heathen thing.  I have a degree in Celtic and women's studies and walk the  warrior path, focused on the concept of the Outlaw Warrior/Fianna and write about it a good bit, mostly at Shadow of the Hooded Crow blog but now with articles starting to be included on Shadow of the Hooded Crow website.   Back in the dark ages before everyone had the internet, I wrote for some hard copy Pagan publications including THiNK!, Harvest, Tides and SageWoman, Some of these articles can be found here along with more recent ones on the Picts, woad, horses and hounds. I am currently working on a few writing projects off line again,. I sometimes consider going back to teaching workshops, but this will probably require some traveling and so I haven't bothered.

In 2011, I have returned to personal fitness training, although not real ambitious on this in the current economy.  Being certified again will help with some of the writing I'm doing, however.

 And I am the Saigh of The Sarah Connor Charm School, a strange physical feminist fan group which involves putting things our members are really doing in a semi-fictional context.

WAaron 1998e moved back to the North Country to homestead and to have horses and hounds.  We write about this sort of thing, along with how it fits in to our Gaelic practices in Dn Sgthan Notes


Aaron is reticent. Along with the homesteading here, he's also an EMT....which means that beard is no more. 


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