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Cocheco Valley Humane Society In Dover, NH

Live and Let Live Farm   ---Chichester, NH

New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals In Stratham, has contact information on many NH shelters

North East Animal Shelter In Salem, MA...No-kill all breed shelter

National Sites Database of adoptable pets from shelters and rescues all over the country

Horse Sites


HOT!Spring Hill Horse Rescue Farm North Claredon, Vermont. This is where we adopted Saorsa!

Gerda's Animal Aid W. Townshend, VT

Rosemary Farm Sanctuary Catskills of NY

Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organization of NH Promotes the diversity of this racing breed, showing ex-racers can be "retired" to trail, show, pleasure driving, cow working, hunting/jumping, and so on. Not an adoption group they do offer a listing of available Standardbreds. It is a "well kept secret" that these horses make GREAT riding horses...a secret we want revealed!

Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organization of Maine Ditto, Maine branch (their links pages has links for other states)

Anti- Premarin Information

Pages I had are gone, will be looking for others

Anti -Slaughter

Americans Against Horse Slaughter

Animal Welfare Insitute's Horse Slaughter Factss and FAQs

Habitat for Horses

Horse Slaughter, An Unnecessary Evil by Raymond Goydon and Stephen Kindel

HorseTalk's Horse Slaughter Debate: Separating Fact from Rhetoric

HOOFPAC Political Action Committee

Relationship Between Abuse to Slaughter by John Holland

Stop Horse Slaughter

When Horse Slaughter Comes to Town

Older Horses

Traveller's Rest Equine Elders Sanctuary Promoting humane treatment of elder equines... Saoradh is their dental care poster boy!

Training/"Natural Horsemanship"

Dennis Reis

Leslie Desmond


Winds of War  ---recognizing and honoring the horses who served humans during war, form ancient times to recent.

The Horse in Human History

New Hampshire Equestrians Online

Breeds of Livestock --Horses

Medieval Horse Guild Equine reenactment


Dog Sites

Dog commands in Gaelic

Greyhound Adoption

HOT!NH Greyhound Placement Service This is the wonderful adoption service in New Hampshire where we got Irony, Bran, Scolaighe, rlaithC, Grinne and Cairbre from....if you live in NH and are looking for a great dog, they left behind a lot of friends and there are always new Greys arriving

Maine Greyhound Placement Service Where we adopted Ruadhn from.

List of Greyhound Adoption Groups through the US

Greyhound Rescue Groups in the UK Several Greyhound organizations in the UK with information on rescue and adoption in the UK and Europe.

Fewterers Guild  ---not an adoption group but an effort to promote adoption at Renn. Faires and similar events. A fewterer is  a "keeper of hounds."

Other Sighthound sites:

Gazehounds Of New England ---NE Lure Coursing and Large Gazehound Racing Association club

Celtic Lurchers -- Introducing the Deerhound Lurcher to America

American Sighthound Field Association

Scottish Deerhound Club of America ---information on history, lure coursing, breed standard, rescue and placement.

Irish Wolfhound Association of New England  ---includes information on rescue and adoption as well as breed standard, membership, events.

Little Lobito Galgo Espaol ---"Spanish Greyhounds" Descended from the Sighthounds of Gaul, these hounds may show more of the original ancestry they share with Greyhounds, Deerhounds, and Wolfhounds. 

Border Collie and Other Working Stock Dog sites:

All About Border Collies

The Border Collie Museum

Collie Rescue League of New England

German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc.

Herding Dogs in Prince Edward Island ---"Dances with Sheepdogs" trainer and clinician Lorna McMaster

Other Dog Rescues in NE

For The Love of Dog
---Rottweiler, Pit Bulls and other breed rescue in NH

General dog sites

Chazhound's Free Dog Site  Dog and pet care resource including games, postcards, and The Doggie Directory.

The Dog Hause The Dog Hause "A play ground for pets and pet lovers" Spay/neuter information, fun facts, superstitions, fonts, clip art and lots more!

Dogs -The "The site where a dog can have its day"  


Cattle Sites

American Dexter Cattle Association ---A small dual purpose cow that originates in of the breeds we'd consider if we felt we could afford cattle.

Baum Farm --- Raw Jersey milk in north-east VT, where we get our milk.


Poultry Sites

Dorking Chickens ---an old breed that the Romans are said to have introduced to Britain and is the oldest non-game chicken there. We now raising Silver Grays and will eventually be raising Reds as well.


Goat Sites



The Rat Fan Club On line home of The Rat Lady and the Rat Report, best information on Rats as pets out there. (we had rats, we may have them again... we will always promote them as one of the best pets there is, especially for anyone living in an apartment)


Wolf Sites

Wolf Education and Research Center  

Wolf Park Web Site Non-profit organization for research and education on wolves and wolf behavior.  


Corbie (Crow, Raven) Sites

American Society of Crows and Ravens

Raven's AviaryRaven's Aviary Information about all Corvidae, lore, stories, pictures, more

Homesteading Sites

Mother Earth News ---"The Original Country Magazine"

Countryside & Small Stock Journal ---"The magazine of modern homesteading"

Backwoods Home Magazine ---"practical ideas for self-reliant living"  A bit more right wing in tone than the others, but always a good reminder that not all you might meet in the backwoods are "tree huggers."


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