Passing it along: call for submissions for Morrígan anthology

 This upcoming anthology has a new publisher with Bibliotheca Alexandrina and looking for more submissions. If you want to participate go to the website to see all the info and contact Nicole Ross.

By Blood, Bone and Blade: A Tribute to the Morrígan

 Call for Submissions! Bibliotheca Alexandrina is seeking submissions for a devotional anthology in honor of The Morrigan: she who is the Battle Queen, the Phantom Queen, the Bloody Raven, the Wolf of War, the White Heifer, The Old Crow, the Black Eel, the Washerwoman at the Ford, Goddess of strife, power, and sovereignty. This anthology is being edited by Nicole Ross. 


 Submissions open 15 March and close 15 October 2013, with a projected release date of December 2013.  Read the rest

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