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I hate this stuff, so I’m mostly copying from “about us page on the more personal part of this domain.

I’m Sìleas Kym Lambert in my writing and often Saigh or Saigh Ghlas online, I have published material as Saigh Kym Lambert, before deciding to switch my first and middle name (a switch I might make legal eventually).

I spent several years “wandering” as a Pagan and witch, from about the age of nine until my 20s when in the mid-80s I found a coven, an offshoot of Alexandrian with a Celtic focus, where I felt at home with the people, primarily leftist activists. Despite complications in the group, I  was initiated to first degree. It was at this time that an Morrígan became predominant in my life and I soon felt pushed to follow a more culturally focused way and sort out what the warrior path I was being called to was all about. And, having returned to college, I changed my focus to Celtic and women’s studies.

This led to the whole “Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism” thing around 1991 or there about. Recently, it has occurred to me that as certain people, mostly those who do not practice the methodology of CR, love to claim CRs hate UPG (Unsubstantiated Personal Gnosis) that it’s pretty amusing that it actually started due to UPG.  Go figure.

Back in the dark ages of the early 1990s, before everyone had the internet, I wrote for some hard copy Pagan publications including THiNK!, Harvest and SageWoman. After some experimenting with group dynamics before (and a short time after) returning to the isolation of the Great North Woods, that I feel pulled me from my own work, I now am focused on the concept of the Outlaw Warrior/Fianna and hence this project. During that time I also reconnected to a canine nature that I had felt since childhood, and delved into the canine nature of the early Irish Warriors.

In 2013, I returned to hard copy with an article in with an article in Keltria Journal #43 and in 2014 I became a writer for Air n-Aithesc. My essay “Musings on the Irish War Goddesses” was originally published in Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s By Blood, Bone and Blade: A Tribute to the Morrígan but I also sell PDFs of it.

I also live with a bunch of dogs, horses, cats and chickens on a small mountain, surrounded by woods and swamp. As is fitting. When not writing about early Irish warriors, I write about pop culture female warriors, mostly Sarah Connor at The Sarah Connor Charm School. I am also a personal trainer, hence most of the physical training material I feel comfortable sharing publicly is the fitness end.

Wolf based on Newbigging Leslie stone sketch copyright © 2002 Aaron Miller