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ALWAYS check with a medical professional before starting a new fitness program or making major changes to an existing one, especially if you have any risk factors for heart disease, have joint pain or have been very sedentary for a period of time.

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Please note that the links below are now all password protected. I will be giving consideration to when, if and under what conditions I will give access to them. Fitness is after all my job and I don’t believe, considering the financial hole I am so deeply in with me possibly losing my home, that I ever did all this for free for so long.

The following, linked below, is a four part series I have written which outlines some of the basics about fitness training with a focus on the warrior path. This is not going to teach you traditional Gaelic cultural training concepts, as we know very little if anything about what they were (other than it’s pretty clear there was a lot of running going on), although I do add speculation as to how this fits a modern form of this path. Over all this is based on modern principles and uses the guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine.  I am a certified personal fitness trainer through ISSA (previously through AFAA since 1992).

This is also not going to give you a “program” but perhaps help you to develop one for yourself. There is no one program for everyone or even one program for anyone at all times.  I do not promise any appearance based goals as we all look different when fit, I do not offer weight loss goals as I work from the Health At Every Size® (HAES®) paradigm.  Instead, this is about developing functional fitness.

I am working to remove ableist language from this. I admit it is hard to write about fitness without it sounding so, even when the one writing it suffers from a chronic illness which periodically leaves me unable to work out or even be moderately active. Sadly, the language is inundated and I am still influenced by that language, I am a work in progress as is this. I may come back and edit often to try to alleviate this issue. Please remember that everything can be modified.  We are not creating a state military, but rather following a path and we can all seek out our own strengths. And we certainly have greater options today than our ancestors might have had. It is more that we strive to work at our own optimum.

Please consider that I am by profession a personal trainer and my work in fitness is how I feed my animals and keep a roof over our head. If you find this information helpful, I would appreciate a “tip” for the work I put into it. I truly can’t afford for to offer my services completely for free, these days. Please make a note that this is for the fitness information so I don’t annoy you with emails about what essay or such you want. Thank you!

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Fitness Training Part 1: The Activity Triad

Fitness Training Part 2: Flexibility

Fitness Training Part 3: Cardiovascular

Fitness Training Part 4: Strength Training

Training Outline

Training Resources -more books and links on fitness as well as martial arts, firearms and prepping


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