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I believe that physical training to fight is a must and that practical hand-to-hand forms that can be used in self-defense situations today should be a priority, to the extent in which any individual is capable. The stronger the focus on street fighting and self-defense, as opposed to point-sparring and forms, the better. Understandably, finding such training may be difficult in some area, but it is important to train as well as possible. Self-defense classes are a way to develop real life skills but when possible should be pursued along with martial arts training.

Traditional Gaelic martial arts forms are becoming more available and while practicality of sword fighting can be questioned, it and, even more, stick fighting could be useful especially if, as someone I know who does such training does, one carries a cane.  When possible, it might be best to train in both a practical hand-to-hand and a traditional Gaelic art.

I also strongly advocate defensive firearms training. This is beyond gun safety and generalDefensive firearms training practice, which is important in itself if you do own, but training for possible real life situations and continuing practice for such. Even if you do not own a gun, this is good knowledge to have.

Of course, knowing how to fight means nothing if your body can’t do it.  Therefore fitness training is important. Again, a focus on effective real life training, not on weight loss or body manipulation of any kind would be my recommendation. I have started to gather some informational resources on physical training on this page.

Wilderness and Urban Survival is also an important part of being prepared, as well.  I also advocate for general preparedness for a variety of emergency situations.

While this is not about being “peaceful spiritual warriors”  as noted regarding the war bands who inspire us, there are spiritual and magical elements. Dealing with the Other World, ecstatic shifting and Seership are all parts of the path as well.

It should go without saying, that understanding the culture as well as the sub-culture of the Outlaw warriors and how they worked together, as well as learning authentic information about the War Goddesses is a part of the training as well. Please see the resources here and, yes, I hope my articles might help with this.  Learning a Gaelic language is also very important, in fact, if you have the skill to do so, it would be good to learn either modern Irish or Scottish Gaelic as well as Old and/or Middle Irish.  Language is a key part of the culture, therefore it is recommended to be part of the continuation of the living languages while the older ones can help one better understand the texts Running with Gleannwhich translations can never fully convey.

With all these elements of training, some on the path may be more talented in some areas than others.  We may have health or ability issues which may require consideration in our training. This is not a path that is only for the exceptionally healthy.  Some of us may have limitations on certain areas of training and all physical training is open to modification or elimination in regards to physical ability.

For my own students,  I do have testing that is required, based on various military and law enforcement standards, removing tendencies towards sexism and ageism.  One reason for not using one standard is to work with people’s varying strengths. And all can be modified for differing ability issues. Given that ecstatic practices are a large part of this as well, those who have health or ability issues that may completely preclude strenuous physical training it can be waived or greatly curtailed if they have interest in the sort of trance work we do (remember, “shape-shifting” can mean taking the animal’s strength in our physical bodies or traveling out-of-body in an animal shape, some do both, some one or the other).  Physical training is not waived because someone doesn’t wish to do it, there are many paths that do not require it from which to choose.

Below is a basic outline of what training for this path might look like and is the one I use to train my students. It is not detailed, as I do keep much only for those I train, although some will be detailed in some of my future writing.

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  •  Cultural studies –Required. Should already have an understanding of Celtic Reconstructionist Methodology and basic knowledge of early Irish culture  and literature, the following is specific to this path.
    • Academic analysis and theory of OI material
    • Old Irish Literature
      • Texts related to the War Goddesses
      • Other warrior tales
      • Hagiography and other texts mentioning warriors
      • Legal tracts regarding warriors
    • Related archeology study
    • Languages –level of ability may vary, but some effort required.
      • Old Irish
      • Modern Irish or Scottish Gaelic
      • Other Celtic language, Germanic language or Latin optional
    • Cross-cultural study of warriors
      • In other Indo-European culture
      • Modern and non-IE culture
  • Fitness and Physical Training – required, with consideration for those who may have health or ability issues
    • Strength Training 
      • individualized programs and muscle confusion methods
    • Cardiovascular
      • individualized and cross-trainingfocus on running and long distance hiking for those capablestrength training
    • Stretching
      • basic and more advanced Yoga
  • Martial Arts and Self-Defense – required within abilities
    • Self Defense
      • Full-Impact Self-Defense
      • Weapons of Expedience
      • Defensive Firearms – strongly encouraged where legally an option to at least have basic instruction, even if you do not intend to own or carry
      • Knife defense –how to defend against, how to use if legally an optionDefensive fire arm training
    • Martial Arts
      • Combative/Defensive Style –should be focus
      • Cultural Martial Art Style –where possible
      • Cultural Projectile Weapons – “shepherd’s” sling
  • The Arts – at least one art required,  poetry is, naturally, mostly strongly recommendation and even if you are more inclined to another, some poetic training should be included. This part relates also to ecstatic practice especially if poetry or dance
    • Writing
      • Poetry
      • Prose
        • NonFiction
        • Fiction
    • Performing Arts
      • Dance
      • Drama
      • Music
    • Visual Arts
      • Painting, drawing
      • Photography
      • Sculpture
  • Prepping – required
    • Wilderness Survival
      • Tracking/hunting – given the nature of this path, hunting is required but the hunt is the key rather than the kill. Only hunt to kill for food and legal as your area allows. Canned hunts are not acceptable, ever. The point is to be able to track and know the habits of the wild animal.
      • Plant identification and gathering –remember, identification is important, as many plants are deadly.
      • Home and Self Preparations
        • Bug-out/Bug-in Kit Creation (outside link)
        • Large Scale Food and Supply Storage
        • Sustainable Food Production and Life Skills
        • Home Defense – in conjunction with Self-Defense
      • Urban Survival
  • Emergency Medical Training – Required. In conjunction with Prepping
    • Basic Field First Aid – minimum requirement
    • EMS
    • Wilderness First Aid – strongly encouraged
    • Wilderness EMS
  • Ecstatic practice – Some level required
    • Shape-shifting – at least one form required
      • Faoladh  -wolf-shape
        • Physical possession
        • Out-of -body
      • Ríastrad
    • Seership – at least one form required
      • Trance – imbas forosnai
      • Augary
        • Natural signs
        • Ogham
        • Scrying
    • Other trance forms
  • Ritual craft and observations
    • Outlaw Warrior Path specific rituals
      • Honoring the Warrior Goddesses and heroes
        • Ritual
        • Devotionals
      • Blessing weapons
      • Rites-of-Passage
    • Serving at other rituals
      • Security
        • Watching for Otherworldly threats and spiritual safety issues
        • Watching for interference from other


  • Animal Training – not required, but good additional for those who share our lives with them
    • Dogs
      • Obedience – all levels
      • Shutzhund
      • Search and Rescue
      • Alert Dogs
    • Horse Training
      • Natural Horsemanship – all levels
      • Search and Rescue

Wolf based on Newbigging Leslie stone sketch copyright © 2002 Aaron Miller

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