Warriors for the Horse Goddess

Me at about 5 years old on my sister's pony Snowfire with my sister and cousinI originally wrote this article for an anthology which never was published, so I put it here instead.  I then pulled it off the site Me about 16 on Pran because I wanted to put more material into it and I offered it to Air n-Aithesc…it was published in Vol. 2 Issue 2, Lughnasadh/Samhain 2015.   As the magazine publishes only twice a year, I would normally wait at least 6 months before republishing here as it believe that makes more sense. However, the actual contract is for only 3 months and this once I am taking advantage of that because this article is just so very Me not wanting my photo taken at the time on Midnightimportant to me.

This is about my service to Macha to defend and protect horses in any way I can. By caring for those I have been blessed to have in my life and to work to http://www.dunsgathan.net/feannog/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/horsewarriors.pdfSaoradh, who I believe I came home to savestop the slaughter of our horses for both human and animal consumption.  This is a key part of my living practice.

Again, I thank my sister Horse Goddess devotee Ceffyl Aedui for With Saorsamaking this a PDF as well as her feedback and editing.


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Warriors for the Horse Goddess

It was Macha who called me back home.


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