Dancing in chaos

Dancing in chaos is what it feels like right now when I try to organize my thoughts and try to write. So many things coming together and other things seeming to explode.

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You may, or may not, have noticed that I changed the name of the blog to the same title I have for the online War Goddesses shrine (which it’s now on, anyway -Sept. 2020). I’m not even sure right now what the point of having both is. But that page was, of course, going to house Musings on the Irish War Goddesses, which I intended to be publishing online by now. Probably earlier than now. However, that’s on hold as it may be going in a devotional anthology (it was accepted, but I have yet to get the contract so it’s difficult for me to as yet say it is going in). (EDIT: and indeed a realization about publishing has come up, so things are in flux right now) I do still intend to post in on the web, I do retain the rights, but it seems only fair to wait at least a few months after publication. Of course, I’ll post about the anthology when I do have news to post.This summer I also put together another article for another anthology but I’ve not yet heard back about it. This all “got in the way” of blogging or figuring out how to “dress up” the online shrine better.

But I have some topics which will be coming up soon here, I hope. Still not sure about the shrine.

I still intend to keep the various warrior path material going here, but I may get more and more on the Gaelic culture and focused on Badb, Macha and the Morrígan. Hence the name change. But it might not change that much. Hard to say, I need to corral some of my thoughts for posts first so we can see.

I have been toying with the idea of doing workshops, which I haven’t done for over a decade now. Being isolated geographically is an issue. Doing stuff that seems, well, scary and “violent” to some who might have venues I could do it at has always been a problem. That I don’t offer fluffy fantasies and will tell people things like “no, going into the Otherworld with good intentions will not actually protect you from harm” (last time I was invited to that store to do a workshop and I didn’t even say that “just going into the Otherworld probably indicates your intentions are questionable, anyway”).   Shit like that. I’m considering online workshops but don’t have the internet access that would allow it yet and when that changes, well, I really have no clue how to work in that way. But, it’s stuff I’m looking into.

So, hopefully there will be new material here and on the other blogs soon.

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