Warrior path training and more website updates

Many…..MANY…years ago I put together ideas for a training program for a warrior group within a larger organization which shall remain unnamed. I knew a lot of my ideas wouldn’t work out, discussions of them didn’t go well.  I later took the ideas, put things back in I hadn’t bothered with for a group I helped start after leaving the large organization.   Nothing really came of it, no one there really wanted to bother with it either..other than me (this was stuff I was doing or wanted to do, after all).  I later took the ideas and replaced some of the cultural stuff with general liberal arts stuff and used to to develop a theoretical Sarah Connor Charm School program. At least it was theoretical until someone actually decided to do it and is going strong with it.

Bolstered by her enthusiasm, I pulled the outline out again and reworked it back for what I wanted to do for a Gaelic Pagan warrior path and added things that have come up since then and so forth. And I have now  put it up on a warrior training page on the website. It will likely be tweaked on occasion as I realize I left Outlaw warriors on the older page.

things out, should have left things out, want to word things differently, add links and what not.  I did take some of the material from the bottom of the warrior path page to the beginning of the new page and also reworked some of the historical material on the

Meanwhile, I’ve done some poking at Teh Project along with some other writing. The second issue of Air nAithesc is scheduled for next month with my article “Muimme naFiann: Foster-mother of the heroes” among other yummy stuff from others.  And I am continuing to get my own ass in gear training wise and need to get ready to head out for a run, in fact.

2 thoughts on “Warrior path training and more website updates

  1. I am glad you are posting this. I have introduced material to create a subgroup based on the concepts we have discussed with a training program again similar to what you have here and it clearly is going to be rejected. Seems folks interested in this work really do have to go it alone.

  2. Thank you! Given my own experiences, I think you may be right about the future of yours there, but I do hope you have better luck after all this time. We may have to start things ourselves, but I think as we get more information out we'll not be so alone. That I am finding at least a few others who are interested in the Outlaw warrior path focused on these War Goddesses, I imagine there are a lot of others who are drawn to serve various other Deities related to the way. So, the more we get it out there, I think it will build. Good luck!

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