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Rob Mars of Athletic Women Blog tells us about a really exciting looking movie coming up called Rigged starring Rebecca Neuenswander as a martial artist who is brought into the world of underground fighting taking on male fighters. Neuenswander may be one to watch, she’s been given kudos for her acting as well as her fighting and powerful physique; she’s a former TKD fighter so she knows what she’s doing there and packed on 20 pounds of muscle for the role. She’s also an executive director of HALO, which helps orphanages worldwide, so she has a great heart too. Check out Mars’ review here, along with the video he includes, and I bet you’ll be waiting for your chance to see it too.

Mars is rightly horrified that I left out the ever buff Jessica Biel in my list in my last entry….in my defense I will note that she’s a tad too young for the main character but another who is perfect for a younger partner role. She is one of my favorite strong female actresses, but, you know, anyone who is born after I graduated from High School is just too young for the starring role in my TV series. *snerk* Another post shows a video of Biel’s training, check it out!

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